To be used IN colleges AND LIBRARIES purely. the binds that bind the Clans are slowly breaking within the face of the best chance that the soldiers have ever identified. As leaf-bare closes its grip upon the territories, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovepaw discover simply how shut the conflict is, and the way some distance they're from with the ability to prevail. And prior to the prey can run back, another cat might be misplaced to the struggle.

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She was once relieved to determine Lionblaze’s gaze melt. “You’re a great apprentice, Ivypaw, and you’re going to make a good warrior. Don’t attempt competing together with your sister. ” Why no longer? The outdated jealousy sparked underneath Ivypaw’s pelt. What’s so precise approximately her? “It’s over now. i do know the reality. Tigerstar and his warriors are making plans to assault all of the Clans. they wish to break us. I’m by no means going again to the darkish wooded area. ” She felt bone drained as stress eased from her muscle groups. “How will you cease? ” Jayfeather’s mew took her unexpectedly. “Stop what? ” “When you nod off, do you decide to dream concerning the darkish wooded area? ” Jayfeather pressed. Ivypaw narrowed her eyes. “I . . . i suppose no longer. I simply get up there,” she admitted. Jayfeather sat up. “Good. ” What do you suggest? What if I get up there back, with out eager to? Ivypaw felt ill. “W-why is that sturdy? ” “Because you’re going to undercover agent for us,” Jayfeather declared. Ivypaw began to tremble. “But I don’t are looking to pass there back. ” “Too past due. ” Jayfeather shrugged. “You joined the darkish wooded area. Do you're thinking that Tigerstar’s going to allow you to move after education you so challenging? ” “But I don’t are looking to teach anymore! ” Jayfeather wasn’t listening. His blind blue eyes uninteresting into hers. “They don’t recognize you’ve replaced your brain, do they? ” Ivypaw shook her head, not able to talk. “Then you want to hold education with them and let us know every thing you discover out. ” Ivypaw’s chest throbbed. “You wish me to undercover agent on them? ” “Of path. ” Jayfeather smoothed his whiskers with a paw. “You have been able to betray us. Why now not betray them? ” Dovepaw sat up sharply. “She didn’t be aware of she used to be betraying us—” Jayfeather interrupted her. “She was once education with Tigerstar,” he snapped. “How was once that ever going to be stable for ThunderClan? ” Lionblaze tucked his tail over his entrance paws. “I imagine it’s a good suggestion. ” Ivypaw felt as though she have been stuck in one other bad dream. “But only,” Lionblaze went on, “if Ivypaw concurs. ” Ivypaw felt Mapleshade’s paws on her shoulders, urgent her down into the riverbed. “No! ” She simply desired to be a normal apprentice back, fetching moss for Mousefur and Purdy, studying to seek in a true woodland with actual cats. “I’m unlikely again. ” “You won't have the choice,” Jayfeather muttered. Dovepaw’s tail was once flicking. “Let me check with her by myself. Please. ” Lionblaze dipped his head and leaped up onto the trunk. “Come on,” he known as to Jayfeather. “Let’s depart this to Dovepaw. ” Jayfeather gave a small sigh and his brother. As their paw steps crunched away in the course of the snow, Ivypaw checked out her sister. “What’s happening? ” Dovepaw settled again right into a crouch. “There’s whatever that you just nonetheless don’t understand. ” “What? ” “Climb over the trunk and cross do anything. ” “Like what? ” “Anything. ” Dovepaw blinked at her. “Throw a snowball; climb a tree. It doesn’t subject. simply be certain I can’t listen you or see you. ” questioned, Ivypaw scrambled onto the trunk and bounded away during the snow. She regarded again and observed not anything, then headed farther away. as soon as she knew Dovepaw wouldn’t be capable to listen her, she slid at the back of a tree and dug a gap within the snow.

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